Published on 10/06/2019

#30 Days 30 Ways has run its course for the year and updates were published daily on the Sampford Courtenay Parish Council Facebook Page.  You can still look at them their by Liking and Following the page.  Here is an overview of the highlights from day 22-30 of the campaign.  You can check out all the updates in full by viewing the Parish Facebook Page the Parish Councils Resilience Plan Page using this link.…


Keep Calm and prepare to win as you will find the questions for the competition at the end.  The answers can be found in the relevant posts on our Facebook page or in the summary that are now published on this Resilience Page.  The prize is going to be given out at the Autumn Open meeting on  29th October.

Day 22


Feeding yourself and your family in an Emergency

Could you prepare one healthy meal entirely from your food stores? How about without making use of gas or electricity? Now that's a challenge! Day 22 #30days30waysUK looks at shares tips and recipes. This version of 'Cook Off' links with an US/international campaign called Emergency Kit Cook Off also @KitCookOff (twitter and facebook).…

Every household should have a minimum store of quality foods in case of an emergency. Nutritious tinned or dry foods are affordable and can be stored easily. Check expiry dates and store the amount that is right for you and your family's circumstances. Take into account the needs of everyone in your household.

Why not challenge yourself to see what meal you could make on one night this week? linked to Day 20 you may have to cope for several days if required to shelter in place so take that into account in becoming prepared and becoming more resilient incase needed.


Day 23


Household preparedness must be inclusive irrespective of age. Involving and empowering your children and young people is easy but needs to be done sensitively. You know your dependants better than anyone.

The suggestion today for #preparedKids is internationally drawn. The Preparedness ABC originates with Public Health Preparedness Florida, Bay County. Back in 2014 they've produced a brilliant illustrated booklet which you may find useful to adapt for yourself to involve the children and young people in your family about preparedness.

You can access it online via In addition, we have compiled a range of resources for children to explore via our website so why not take a look and explore at…

If you come up with any great ideas please share for others to see and copy Remember getting prepared to stay safe can be fun!

Day 24


Day 24 highlights that not every health concern needs a trip to A&E. Know how to choose the appropriate level of care so that you and your family will get the best treatment.

It also allows busy NHS services to help the people who really need them most. Follow today's 'choose well' guidance via #30days30waysUK where partners across the UK will share resources to #prepYourHealth and to be winter ready.

Start with the (NHS) fun video on YouTube by clicking on the link.…
Or take a look at Devon's 'Choose well' video

Also a video about 'Cold's and Flu'…

and NHS web page 'Keep warm keep well'…/healthy-body/keep-warm-keep-well/


Day 25



When is the last time you checked and restocked your first aid supplies and medicines? Today we have another #PrepYourHealth theme: drugs bust! Never use out of date medication and know how to dispose of them safely and responsibly.

Last year @NHSNene did a video for us to explain. You can find watch here…

Wasted or unused medicine is a serious and growing problem that you can help tackle. It is estimated that as much as £300 million is wasted every year on unused or partially used medication which cannot be recycled or re-used. Check out the campaign 'Only order what you need' which works with the NHS and asks you to think carefully before ordering repeat prescriptions.…
NEVER flush medicines down the toilet or throw into the bin. ALWAYS return it to a pharmacy or chemist for safe disposal.

Once you've done your drugs bust by checking expiry dates and rotating, take a look at 'NHS advice about your medicine cabinet'.…

Be better prepared for common ailments by keeping a well-stocked cabinet at home. Contents will vary according to personal needs and preferences. However, include medicines such as for pain relief, antihistamines, oral rehydration, anti-diarrhoea, indigestion, sunscreen in addition to your first aid kit. For more information, find your local pharmacy and talk to your pharmacist.

Day 26


ooks at tackling a fascinating topic: #SpaceWeather and now you're probably (and rightly) wondering ..." why on earth...?"🤔🤩space weather??

Take a look at this video from the Met Office ➡️

How can space be a risk and how does it impact the UK #SpaceWeather #preparedness strategy available at ➡️…/pu…/space-weather-preparedness-strategy
Know your asteroids from your meteoroids, check out this animation via

Day 27


We’re taking a #Diversion, talking OFFLINE #entertainment 🧸🎲🏓

Emergencies may mean disruptions and that can lead to waiting times. Having a good range of both online and offline entertainment is important to keep up morale both individually and socially. Take a look at today’s video

Not only children get bored and frustrated. Plan and prepare suitable offline entertainment and comfort items. Pick and pack some of these and add them to your #GrabBag and vehicle #EmergencyKit 🎒

Share ideas you have or even use in other situations such as on long journeys so that others can use too

Day 28


We looked at #PetPreparedness when we Plan & prepare for an emergency and #LeaveNoOneBehind  🐾🐶🐱🐹🐰🐦🐢🐟

After human safety, the welfare of your animals should be a priority consideration. It is up to you plan ahead and #beprepared.

Start by taking a look at today’s video at

Make sure you have a #PetPreparedness plan.

In an evacuation not all shelters may accommodate animals. Find out about local arrangements via your council's emergency planners. Consider having a pet #GrabBag with e.g. leads, food, toys, blanket, health record, copies of insurance & your pet carrier.

Key resources for #PetPreparedness are

- @RSPCA seasonal advice pages (inc. floods) via and their Pet First Aid Guide booklet (request) at

- @thebluecrossUK page "Pets and Floods" via

- @CSWResilience (twitter) Prepared Pets Page at

- Northamptonshire video via

Day 29


The penultimate #30days30waysUK ‘September is Preparedness Month’ 2019 with another favourite topic: #PreparedApp 📲⚙️for your digital #GrabBag

Part of your personal preparedness toolkit in this modern age is having a range of useful apps on your phone in case of an emergency. Today we highlight some of the free and useful apps which alert you in real time, provide just-in-time guidance or serve as digital tools.

How many apps you install is an entirely personal choice. Check and verify settings and permissions to keep your phone secure. Having a spare battery or independent charger (battery, solar) helps extend the use of your phone in an emergency.😀
Did you know there are lots of really useful FREE apps for personal #preparedness ranging from first aid to situational awareness and more? Check out this piece from Citizen Aid
There are many #FirstAid type #preparedApp that are worth checking out so here are some recommendations:…/firs…/free-mobile-first-aid-app.aspx
Be ready for anything with the multi hazard FREE #preparedness British Red Cross Emergency App at…/prepare-f…/free-emergency-apps
… and always stay #weatheraware (day 2 highlighted the Met Office weather app
Your challenge for day 29 #30days30waysUK is to
1 download some of the suggested FREE #PreparedApp
2 what’s in your digital #GrabBag?
3 participate in our survey & feedback:


  1. What 4 types of event may be declared an emergency?


  1. In a power cut what is the number to ring to report the fault?


  1. List 5 things that you will put into your 72 hour Emergency Grab bag?


  1. What are three things that the fire service advise you to do each night to be prepared in case of a fire? (watch the helpful video link)



Day 30


The final day of #30days30waysUK 2019 has arrived. Today reflect and hopefully be inspired by what drives so much of community resilience & preparedness: #volunteering !

Peoples time, expertise and resources, raises awareness, inspiring action towards #preparedness and #resilience that continues year-round.

No one is ever alone in an emergency.

#teamworkmakesthedreamwork #BePreparedNotScared

Everyone can contribute to build capacity and capabilities from the ground up.
Today we hope to inspire you to
#GetInvolved #Volunteer; you could think about joining in and seeing the BritishRedCross reserves video


But more importantly we would like to know if you are happy to be involved and assist in the resilience plan that supports the Parish.

If you are happy to assist, can you please message the Parish Facebook and we can include you in the resilience plan.

Many thanks for following the 30DAYS30WAYS for the parish and now as promised


There are 8 questions which you will need to complete through this link that will ask you to answer and submit your entry to win.  The prize will be given at the Open Meeting on 29th October 2019.


Quiz Link -…



  1. What 4 types of event may be declared an emergency?


  1. In a power cut what is the number to ring to report the fault?


  1. List 5 things that you will put into your 72 hour Emergency Grab bag?


  1. What are three things that the fire service advise you to do each night to be prepared in case of a fire? (watch the helpful video link)


  1. a Where should the man in the Party hat go?

    b Where should the lady in Yellow go?

    c Where should the lady who’s blue go?


  1. Looking ahead and preparing to be #WinterReady What are 3 things that you should check on your car and 4 things that you should have in your car to prepare?


  1. When we Plan & prepare for an emergency the welfare of your animals should be a priority consideration. Name 4 things you would expect to have in a Pet Grab bag?


  1. Making the right call is very important to ensuring that you get the right response from the right emergency service. In order of urgency what are the three different types of contact you would make to seek assistance?




Don't be scared - be informed and get better prepared.