Published on 03/28/2020

Hello from the cider vat farm shop.

In these days of increasing health concerns, we have decided to offer a brand new service (to us) for our customers, that we hope will help you all to stay safe and relieve some of the stress and fears of how to keep your family fed and happy over the coming months. 

How is this going to be set up?:- We are offering an order and collect service for foods and other products, (we hope soon to have a website with an online click (pay) and collect option).   The basic idea is to avoid mass social interaction and also to limit the potential dangers of touching frequently used surfaces. In these early days you will be able to place a weekly order by phone or email and make payments via phone / paypal or bacs.  (There will be limited options on payment at collection for those who are unsure how to undertake the other options - we will accept cash at this point, it will be up to you if you want the change or credit the change for your next order ). Once we have your order, we will be ordering from the individual producers and collecting the products.  We will advise you on a collection day (which will depend on the supply lines for some items - see order list for any details)

Collection of your order will be from the farm shop.  We have a large (free) carpark and your order will be pre-packed and labeled in our outer dining area.  It should be possible to arrive and collect your items without making any contact with others. (If someone else is collecting we advise simply waiting in your car until they have finished).  If possible we will try and arrange for each customer to have 2 plastic crates allocated and named for their use (One to be returned as you collect the next order) and in this way we can not only be ecologically minded to reduce plastic waste, but also be certain of minimum cross infection potential - however there will be disposable gloves and hand sanitizer available at the entrance as well to help.


We are putting together a great range of (where possible) locally sourced products, made by the amazing craft food and drink producers we have in Devon.  As much as possible we ask you to support these local producers who are going to be hard hit by the closure of their normal trade outlets such as pubs and markets and smaller shops.  We hope you enjoy our range of products and perhaps discover some new favorites for your family. Many of our products come from small family enterprises and are not available in the supermarkets. 


Our list is what could best be described as rustic - we have been working very hard just to get some sort of list put together so that you can start organising your weekly shop.  We will be updating and improving our list as a work in progress and hopefully we can upgrade it all onto a website for you soon.


How can we order this first week?

We are new to this and we will undoubtedly be needing to contact you to double check and clarify details - please be patient and feel free to make suggestions!  This first week is going to be difficult because we do not have the funds or the stock in place to just process an order to the correct value.

For this first week please:-.

  1. Please read and agree to the terms and conditions. (bottom of the page)

  2. Make your selection from the list of products and create an email list, to help our producers try to have your lest sent in by the close of the weekend (but don't worry if you are late we will do our best to supply as much of your order as we can and the rest will follow later).

  3. When ordering from the bulk buy section please try to keep in mind this is an emergency facility only and we will have to limit what we can offer. Please indicate a “brand” preference if you have one, but we cannot promise to be able to get these as we have to bulk buy to gain supply lines.

  4. Make sure you include your phone number so that if there is a problem we can contact you easily.

  5. Take note of the items where the price is indicated as by the kg and make sure you clearly indicate the size / amount you wish to order

  6. Finally please indicate if you would like us to offer you a substitute item if one is not available, or if you would prefer us to just miss this item off from the order. - we will of course try to notify you in good time if that product is not available so that you can pick something else in time for the week collection slot. 

  7. Email your list and we will send you an estimate of your final bill* and payment instructions.  (You can choose from the following:- Paypal / Bacs / credit card by phone. Unfortunately for the first couple of weeks we will not be able proceed without payment - but please contact us if you are unsure / unable to use any of the above payment methods)

  8. For the first couple of weeks, whilst we get going (until we have built up some stock levels) ...we will ask for a payment towards your estimated total - this will allow us to get the stock in. Sadly the cash and carry prices are fluctuating wildly, we don't know what it is going to cost until it is delivered!).  The prices of the products from local producers are more stable.  Once we have assembled your order, we can then send you the invoice balance and settled via credit/ or refund as appropriate. 

  9. Once we have received the full payment we will pack and label your items into your own dedicated order crates and we will notify you the order is ready for collection.

*The issue will mostly be with the bulk buy items from the cash and carry as we need to check in store prices for individual items. 


To collect your order

  1. Once you have been notified your order is ready, you will also receive a reference number that will identify your order in the collection area.

  2. The cider vat farm shop is located at Solland farm which can be found on the A3072 exactly half way between Exbourne and Sampford Courtenay village.

Our post code is EX20 3QT for those with sat navs (but also look out for the large cream coloured signs)

  1.   Follow the signs down the drive and turn right into the shop entrance.

  2. If when you arrive there is already someone in the shop, we recommend to maintain your personal distance by remaining in your vehicle until after they have finished. (In this way you will not only ensure your own well-being but also prevent stress and health concerns for others)

  3. In the doorway we will place disposable gloves for your use should you wish to have this extra protection.  These can be dropped into the open bin as you exit.

  4. Your order will be on the tables in the outer area and there should be no need to enter the shop and have any contact with someone.  (We promise to keep the tables regularly cleaned with an appropriate cleaner)

  5. We will endeavour to assign you with at least two plastic crates with name tags,  these can be returned and reused by yourself only each week that you choose to use our services. (Please try to clean these before returning them).

  6. Please notify the person in the shop of your order number through the door glass.  You may then load your shopping and leave.


Extra guidance notes:- There are quite a lot of gaps in our range, for example we have not yet got the bread individual items listed, but we can get all of your normal orders from Endecotts - if you know they stock it, just put it on your order for this first week and we can sort out the details later.

If an item you want is not listed please check our suppliers list and if you know they stock a product make a request and we will endeavour to get it on order for you.


The bulk buy service is an emergency measure only to try and aid those of you who are unable to use a supermarket for any reason.   We have just listed what we hope is a basic survival range for couples and those with families who have no alternative.  It will not be possible for us to offer this service to a large group and we can only accommodate limited special orders at the moment, but to help those in dire need we are happy to field requests and we will try to help people in real need.  Please try to bear in mind we cannot always offer personal brand preferences - we can only buy these or a particular size - if they are available. (Our cash and carry is set up for catering businesses primarily so most of the items are multi packs or bulk buy)

Baby care, pet food and general household care items are all also available. Please feel free to make a request for us to try and locate special orders for you, but we cannot pledge to be able to do this on a large scale at this time.

*Please note most collections will set up for the weekends. For some products such as meat and the fresh pies, you will have needed to have sent us your list for the collection 1 week in advance ( last cut off day is Sunday for next Saturday delivery -  many of our products are made to order / fresh from the supplier so as to ensure you the highest quality of products reaches you). As a guide to ordering look out for the items highlighted in cream - these are the longer order items at the moment.  As stock and supply lines are set up, most of these items will move into the green highlighted sections which is the shorter order sections.  

Once you are ready to order please request a copy of our current products list by sending us an email to  or you can view the current list also on our fb page The cider vat.  




Terms and conditions for The cider vat order / collection services.

The cider vat can accept no responsibility or liability for any infection risk from use of our services or facilities. The cider vat will continue to take every precaution to ensure that our facilities and the services we offer maintain the highest Uk gov approved health standards.  However, your personal health and welfare remains your responsibility. UK gov recommends regular and though hand washing and it is also recommended that for those of you who are particularly at risk, any and all items, where suitable, are washed (ie tins, bottles & veg) to limit any risk of surface contamination during production and storage.

  • Please  Note that the prices used in our email are guide prices only. The actual price you pay will be the price charged to us at the time your order is made up. The actual order value cannot be determined until the day of invoicing because the prices stated may vary either above or below the prices on our list, on the day your order is put together. We will be improving this issue as time goes on. 

  • When your order is collected you may return any item and receive a full refund if you are unhappy with the price charged or if an item is faulty.

  • All prices are expressed inclusive of any VAT payable unless otherwise stated. 

  • We will not routinely substitute items that are unavailable - unless you request this option.

  • Your order is an offer to buy from us. A contract is only formed when we have confirmed your order and taken payment. At any point up until then, we may decline to supply the goods to you.

  • We do not have a minimum order total, but we wish to remind you that this is not a on demand service and we will only be offering a once a week collection.

  • At this moment we do not have the ability to offer a delivery service, we are looking into it but as it stands today we can only offer a click and collect service based at the farm shop.  We are asking people to share and support with each other by considering collecting items for those in need.

  • We sincerely hope that you will be happy with everything you purchase from us.  But in the event of an error or faulty product please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss a refund. Our refund policy is in addition to and does not affect any of your legal rights. Simply return the item to either have a full refund or to take a new item of the same value.

  • The cancellation cut off point is 48 hrs after placing an order.  Many of our products will be made to order and once we have passed on your order, the producer will have already incurred costs to start making this for you.

Our assured suppliers are:-  Endecott bakery, Bread of Devon, Yokel, Hogsbottom, South Devon Chilli farm,  Okecroft farm produce, Ashridge court beef, Quickies, Curworthy cheese, Underdown dairy, James Cleaveland (veg), Wessex pantry, Baked to taste, Four elms apple farm, Fudgies, quince honey farm, torview wine, alder vineyard, Tor vodka, Holsworthy ales, Taw river brewery, Hanlons, Dartmoor gin, Salcombe gin, Wicked wolf gin, Lyme bay,  Portlebay popcorn, Burts, Foxcombe, Suzanne’s dressings, Dartmoor soaps... and too many cider co’s to mention ... if we have forgotten somebody we apologize.