Published on 07/09/2020

Whilst we appreciate it is a difficult time for dog owners who like to exercise their dogs off the lead, but it is not acceptable for them to chase livestock or wildlife.


A ewe was attacked recently by a dog off the lead and out of the control of its owner.  If this had been seen by the farmer then he would have been within his rights to destroy the dog.  Quite a few of our footpaths go through fields which currently have sheep and lambs in them and dogs must be on leads when walking through these fields.


Livestock are a farmers livelyhood and the same for the crops growing in the fields.


We have miles and miles of beautiful public footpaths within our parish for walking, please stick to them.


The wildlife is equally as precious and is not there to be chased as entertainment for dogs.


Please keep your dogs under close control and keep to the public footpaths.


We are living through a very difficult time and we would all like to get through it as peacefully as possible, be it human or animal.

Thank you.