Ways to make our Website more accessible.

SCPC are in the process of making sure the Website is as accessible as possible to everyone to comply with the new WCAG legislation.

We need your help

Do you have any problem reading, navigating our Current Website?

Do you already use any special “Plug ins” or Apps to help you navigate websites?

What sort of device do you use PC, Mac or Ipad or Phone? Do you have problems accessing our website on these different devices?

Can you please check out our website and get back to us with any specific areas you think we could improve and we will see what we can do?

Would it help to have some of the information in a different format?

If you would like some of the Downloads in larger print for example, please let the Clerk know and we will try and accommodate you.

 Possible Plug ins or Apps that may enhance your website experience.

But below are some tips on how you can improve your experience of any website yourself.

Would a bigger font help you?

By using CTR and + keys should increase the page by up to 300%

Or if you have a mouse with a scroll ball – press CTR and scroll to increase or decrease size of font on any page

Magnification Plug ins for your computer.

Spreed for Google Chrome 

NoSquint for Firefox

Declutter Plug ins – these allow you to control both text size and background colour.

Reader View for Chrome.

Reader for FireFox 

Would changing the CONTRAST or colour help you?

HighContrast for Chrome

Would it help to LISTEN to the text instead of reading it?

Google Selection Reader 

This allows you to highlight a passage and then using right click on the mouse and choose Read out selection.

Would it help if you could skim read by using a HEADINGS MAP?

HeadingsMap (Chrome) 

HeadingsMap (FireFox)

There is more information on the Website My Computer My Way

Is English your second language? Would it help to translate our website into another language?

Change Chrome Language tips here