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Building a photographic record of Sampford Courtenay

If you have good-quality photos of local people, places and events, we would love to hear from you. We would like to create a 'then and now' photographic history of the parish. Don't worry too much about the format of your photos. Prints, scans or copies of prints or digital photos in jpeg format are all acceptable, so long as they are reasonably sharp. We can scan and return prints immediately if necessary.

Please email Marion Pratt at for information, attaching your photos if relevant, or phone 01837 82285.

New Inn crossroads

One of the oldest photos of the New Inn crossroads

This image shows the New Inn crossroads, with buildings on every corner, at a time when the only traffic was horse-drawn or pedestrian.


Sunday school

The Sunday School

Ford at Station Road

Ford across bottom of Station Road

This image shows water, or a ford, running across Station Road, with a little footbridge across it where the bus shelter is now.

Old buildings instead of the bus shelter
Station Road ford
Horse trough

More old images of the crossroads

These photos show the ford running around the front of what is now the New Inn car park and old buildings where the bus shelter now stands. If you look closely, you will see the 'new' horse trough, which was needed when the bridge was built over the ford and the horses had nowhere to drink.