Writing for the website

We know that we have some budding (and fully mature!) writers in the parish. And we would be very interested in publishing their writing on this website. We are open to all contributions. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, observations on nature, opinion and comment – it's up to you. 

It is worth bearing in mind that most readers scan websites; they don't read word by word. If your piece of writing is long, think about submitting an extract. We can link this to a download of the full piece, which people can print out for easier reading.


Art and craft

We would also love to display photos of local art and craft, such as painting, drawing, photography, textiles, pottery and stained glass. High-resolution images are not required.


Music, film and video

We have just introduced a Music, film & video section to showcase local creativity. There is only one production there at the moment but we would love to receive more! We can link to YouTube, Vimeo and Soundcloud.


If you would like to discuss a possible contribution to the website or would like further information, email Julie Carpenter at admin@sampfordcourtenay-pc.gov.uk or phone 07866 605184.


Pictures with a story to tell 

If you have good-quality photos of local people, places and events, we would love to hear from you. We are gathering a range of at-a-glance photos, past and present, for the Gallery and we're also creating a photographic history of the parish in the Pictures from the past section. 

Don't worry too much about format. Prints, scans or copies of prints or digital photos are all acceptable, so long as they are reasonably sharp. We can scan and return prints immediately if necessary.


If you have photos that you are happy to share, please email Marion Pratt at marion174@btinternet.com, attaching your photos if relevant, or phone 01837 82285.